Not everyone is a songwriter

March 28, 2013

Not everyone is a songwriter, just like everyone is not a singer, instrumentalist, sportsman/woman or  rocket scientist. Let’s take a look at the fifties & sixties, a time of many great songs and artists. Many […]

Lead Singer Disease (LSD)

April 16, 2012

This is written from the angle of a band with a lead singer. The singer may or may not play an instrument but usually they don’t. One thing that has always surprised me is that […]

It’s all in the fingers (part 2)

March 24, 2012

Continuing on from the last blog, it’s a week later and those gigs have been and gone, here are the results. Well what adventure we had. Thanks to everyone who was part of it. Matt […]

It’s all in the fingers

March 8, 2012

G’day, I’m writing this from a Qantas plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean whilst traveling from Sydney to LA. I often get asked “how do you get your guitar sound?” Forgetting about the gear being […]

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