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Revenge Of The Surf Guitar — Martin Cilia

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1963 was a big year for instrumental guitar music, particularly surf music.

Pipeline by The Chantays, Wipeout by The Surfaris, Bombora by The Atlantics, Dance On and Foot Tapper by The Shadows all topped the charts.

Inspired by “that sound”, Martin Cilia, guitarist with legendary Australian surf band, The Atlantics, has taken a step into the solo spotlight with the release of Revenge Of The Surf Guitar. This 16-track CD is his tribute to early sixties surf guitar music.

A true labour of love, Martin wrote all tracks, played the majority of instruments and produced the project.

An avid collector of classic electric guitars and amps and always a perfectionist, Martin’s unique playing ability is complemented by the sounds of some exceptional instruments: a 1963 cherry apple red Fender Stratocaster, a 63 black Fender Jaguar, a 63 Fender Vibroverb, a 63 Fender Outboard Reverb Tank and a 63 Fender Jazz Bass.

“All of these instruments just happen to be from 1963. This was not planned. It just worked out that way because they all had a unique sound that attracted me. I played the Jaguar on 95% of this CD. This is the first time I have used a Jaguar and discovered an amazing sound”.

Already Revenge Of The Surf Guitar is receiving positive reviews.

Highly-regarded surf music critic, Phil Dirt of ReverbCentral.com in Santa Cruz, California has rated it “5 stars”.

“This album is solid top to bottom…very fresh and powerful … Martin Cilia has produced a wonderful CD with 16 wonderful tracks … this album is very, VERY well done. Highly recommended”.

Revenge Of The Surf Guitar is out now on the Bombora label — the label that early last summer released the widely acclaimed CD/DVD project Delightful Rain: A celebration of Australian surf music.

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