Fret Net: Martin Cilia interview

Listen to the interview here .

Playlist for Tuesday 13 November 2012

Artist | Track/Song Name | Album Title | Label/Distributor | Comments

Carl Roa|Risen|Eternity

Patrick DeCoste|Floydian Theory|Inside the Unsaid

Cosmosquad|Jam For Jason|Squadrophenia


Martin Cilia|Interview|Interview

Martin Cilia|Black Jaguar|Revenge of the Surf Guitar

Martin Cilia|The Same Song Remains|The Odd One Out

Keith Miller|Imagic|Groove Train

Taz Taylor|Major Minority|Caffeine Racer

Mr. Fastfinger|Zing Zing|The Way of the Exploding Guitar

David Gilmour|Comfortably Numb|Remember that Night

Steve Rust Trio|Devil’s Tombstone|Bottom Feeder

Richard Hallebeek Project / Brett Garsed|Enigma|Richard Hallebeek Project

Doug Ross / Brett Garsed|Apollo|Doug Ross

Marc Norgaard / Brett Garsed|Tolerance|Tolerance

The Floors|Feed me to the Pigs|Dead Beat