January 2012: ABC: Album of the week

ABC Central Victoria – Album of the week

Feature Album 23 – 27 January 2012

January 27, 2012 , 1:37 PM by Jo Printz

It’s summer, Australia has a long-held surfing tradition, so why not enjoy a little music synonymous with that culture – even if we’re geographically nowhere near the ocean!

Surfersaurus is the latest solo release by guitarist Martin Cilia, a member of the legendary Aussie surf band The Atlantics since 1998.  Prior to that he played in several Western Australian bands including The Flying Fonzarellis and Dave Warner’s band.

If you love that particular kind of raw twangin’ guitar that can get your motor running, or inspire a snooze in the hammock, enjoying the sun and a cool seabreeze, then this album is for you.

It has the classics – Wipeout, Apache, Walk Don’t Run, and Misirlou (yes, the one from the film, Pulp Fiction), several of Martin’s own compositions, and a fabulous take on that Gary Glitter anthem, Rock and Roll Part Two.

Surf’s up, dudes.