New Video: End of Summer from Going to Kaleponi

This is a drive down West Coast Hwy, Perth, Western Australia. Starting just north of Hillarys Boat Harbour and heading south, ending with sunset at Cottesloe Beach.

Growing up in Perth, especially in the 80s (when I was in my 20s), was a time of growth. In fact Western Australia was known as the “State of Excitement”. There was Alan Bond, of America’s Cup fame (whose front lawn I use to park my ford panel van on when visiting his next door neighbour), Lang Hancock, and all the corporate types.

West Coast Highway was the link between the newer Northern beaches suburbs and the more established city and Fremantle scenes.

This video captures some iconic landmarks as well as some more recents ones. You can see:

Hillary’s Boat Harbour is a more recent development from the late 80s. Boat launching facilities were completed in October 1986 and boats started moving into pen moorings two months later, just before the start of the 1987 America’s Cup Challenge Series.

Scarborough Hotel, no longer there, but where a few Sunday sessions were spent.

The ever popular Cottesloe Beach – I played a few sessions at the hotel with various bands, but beware of the sharks in the sea.

Metropolis Night Club where I played gigs in 1984/85. The Fremantle passenger terminal where the £10 ‘poms’ arrived by ship in the 60s. I can remember playing a NYE gig there late 80s with “Midget and the Farrellys“.

The iconic Dingo Flour silo heading up Stirling Highway into Freo,

Enjoy the drive…