Fender Bassman Amp 1958

Fender Bassman Amp 1958 serial number BM00932

Original Tweed 4×10 Fender Bassman amplifiers from the late 1950s are among the holy grail of all guitar amps, even though they were originally designed as a bass amp they became popular with guitarists for their great sound and power.

I hadn’t seen many examples of this amplifier before as they are very rare, especially here in Australia.

This one literally walked into my house. A friend who lived up the road from me had one and one day there was a knock on the door and when I opened it he was standing there with the Bassman Amp. He said “can I leave this with you”.

Anyway after a day or so I thought I’d better give it a try, I plugged a Strat into it, hit one note and it sounded amazing, then I grabbed a Les Paul, same thing it sounded brilliant.

One thing I noticed about this amp immediately was that the same settings on the amp worked for both guitars, no need to adjust between the different guitars. (A little note, I was using original 50s / early 60s guitars.)

Anyway, I called up the owner and said “what’s it going to take to get this amp?” We made a deal and I’ve had it ever since.

It’s a great sounding amp in nice original condition.

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