Gibson ES125 3/4 1958 Sunburst

1958 Gibson ES125 3/4 (Factory order No. U1423.8)

Around 1990 I was hired by a drummer/singer/songwriter to play guitar on some of his songs. These songs were in the early rock and roll / rockabilly style. He had his own large recording studio space with natural reverb and I was to play his guitars. The guitar was mic’d with an original 1930s RCA ribbon mic and also plugged into an amp at low volume. He knew exactly the sound he wanted.

The guitar he had me play the most was a 1957 Gibson ES125 3/4. I was very impressed (and surprised) with how good this guitar sounded when recorded, I had never considered a 3/4 size guitar before. When a 1958 model came up for sale in near mint condition I couldn’t resist buying it with the intention of recording some R & R and rockabilly style tunes with it, those tunes are still on the ‘to do’ list.