Gibson Les Paul 1958 Gold Top

1958 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top (Serial Number 8 1113)

Ok take a deep breath… This is about as good as it gets… This one guitar literally cost me – a 1957 Stratocaster, 1964 Stratocaster, 1956 Les Paul Custom, 1956 Les Paul Soecial TV, an L series Fender Jazzmaster, and a refin but otherwise all original 1962 strat. All these guitars were 100% original bar the ’62 refin strat.

That’s how good this 1958 Les Paul (standard) Goldtop is.

It’s also the rarest PAF 50s Les Paul made with only an estimated sum of 217 being produced in 1958. How many are still around in their original condition?

Think of how many Gibson Les Paul guitars have been made.This guitar falls in that elusive top 0001 per cent of all Les Paul’s ever made. The materials, workmanship, attention to detail will never be repeated. The materials are no longer available. The metals alone are made of different materials today, different density to the originals.

A classic, often imitated but never repeated.