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Sizzling Surf Instro’s
author: R.Davey
OK, this is officially it…the cd you can’t stop your foot from tapping. Get out your air guitar and prepare to be surf rocked. Man, this cd just rocks. There’s not one dud tune on the whole cd. All rockers, except Mermaid Beach. And it’s cool too! All songs have a driving guitar sound played on an authentic ’63 Fender guitar & Fender amp. Now how much more surf do you need than that? I mean that’s really trying to be authentic and it works. As a guitarist for the Atlantics, Martin knows surf music and now he’s done it “his” way. Authentic and rockin’. Buy it now. Cool digi packaging too that looks like an old vinyl album cover.
An Absolute Must for Either Newcomer or Surf Music Guru
author: Mark W.
Simply an amazing album. I am an avid collector of surf guitar music and this CD is astounding. It’s perfect whether you want to introduce someone new to how good surf guitar music can be, or it’s a virtuoso performance for the die-hard, nothing-less-than-the-best-will-do afficionado. BUY IT!!!
great modern surf album
author: ken showkeir
First do be aware that Martin re-does 3 or 4 songs from a previous Atlantics cd. The songs are different here. I like the drums sound better on the Atlantics Cd’s. These sound like electronic drums, the cymbals are not as crisp as on older style surf discs, think of the surfari’s. I only do this as positive criticism, would like to see Martin do one with the Atlantics drum sound. His Guitar playin is spot on, he has a real handle for this style of music. Love the spankin sound he gets from the Jaguar, Fender guitar. Especially love the way it is packaged, the photos and design. Hope we hear a new Cd soon from this Artist!!! Love it.
author: W.J. O\’Reilly
This ranks as one of the best Surf Guitar efforts ever! The mix is near perfection.
Revenge of the surf guitar
author: Joe Costa
One word for this cd SUPER !!


If you’re building . . .
author: nalomeli
a Surf Rock library, you can’t leave out this gem. Everyone I play it for is wowed!
author: Darren
Cool Album I can feel the vacuum tubes from his amp warming up the room while he’s playing.
Best I’ve heard
author: Tom Corona
The is the best Surf music CD I’ve ever heard. Martins playing on this CD is second to none. If you’re a fan of Surf music, or appreciate fine instrumentals, this CD is a must for your collection.
One of the best…
author: Frank Ferraro
Martin Cilia is one of the best instrumental surf guitarists of the day and his latest CD is further testament of his songwriting ability and guitar skills that’s keeping the surf music vibe alive!
author: Nick Anderson
Yes, excellent surf guitar. Right up there with the best. Great album, but watch your speed if playing it while driving to the beach!!