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Postal Address
PO Box 1088
Maroubra, NSW
Australia, 2035


Please direct all booking enquiries to:
Mandy Hall Media

Postal Address
PO Box 2238
Prahran, VIC
Australia, 3181

0413 840 217


2 Comments on Contact

  1. Hi Martin,

    I have just purchase the Hall & Collins echo unit. Just wondering as to what settings you used for In the Shadows
    tune. Do you use a preset or your own patch, If you do may I have your settings please.
    Thank you so much Martin. Its a shame you could not appear at at the Shadoz at the Know Club. . . AlanV.

  2. yeah.along time ago.1985.i think a lot of the pubs you guys played in no
    longer i go back to the 70s around perth.lot of places are now gone.hope to hear you play when you are in perth.any info as to where and when.? shane

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