August 2011: Record Label Spotlight Music News & Notes

August 2011 Record Label Spotlight

BOMBORA – The preeminent early ‘60s surf-rock instrumental band in Australia, The Atlantics returned to the music world ten or so years ago with a slightly younger guitarist named Martin Cilia. As a 13 year old Cilia dreamed of playing in a Shadows type band and now as the lead guitarist in The Atlantics, Cilia also has an impressive solo career that reaches a new height with his 16 track 2011 solo album Surfersaurus on the Bombora label. As if he’s paying back the mentors who inspired that 13 year old in the early ‘60s, Cilia covers original instrumental classics such as “Endless Summer”, “Apache”, “Telstar” and many others. The reverence handed down to John Blakeley’s hypnotic guitar groove in the original “Endless Summer” theme is quite riveting and I’m sure Blakeley would approve of Martin’s version. /