Gibson ES-175D 1962

December 1, 2015

Gibson ES-175D 1962 (S.N. 80158) I’d been quietly looking for one of these guitars for years and was very happy to find this one. It’s a great sounding and playing Gibson ES-175D which was made late 1961/early 1962. […]

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959

October 1, 2015

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1959 (s/n 9 0103) This is a fantastic sounding guitar with two exceptional sounding PAF pickups. Most later model Les Paul’s, 70s onward, have a somewhat muddy sound to my ear […]

1967 White Gibson SG Junior

October 1, 2015

1967 White Gibson SG Junior (Serial Number 000000) Around the start of the 2000s I walked into a ‘famous’ Sydney guitar shop and all the guys were crowded around this guitar, it had just come […]

1965 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster

September 4, 2015

1965 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster (Serial Number L87419) The guitar came from Norms Rare Guitars in Los Angeles. I was in the U.S for a few weeks and didn’t take a guitar with me, so I […]

1963 White Fender Stratocaster

August 1, 2015

Fender Stratocaster 1963 white (cream) (serial number L21304) I bought this guitar in Perth in 1984/85 from Dom Mariani who played this guitar with his band “The Stems“. When I got this guitar the frets […]

1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Red

July 1, 2015

1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior Cherry Red (Serial No. 0 7051) I’d always liked the idea of these guitars – simple one pickup Rock ‘N Roll guitars from Gibson’s golden period of guitar making. Living […]

1966 Fender Super Reverb Amp

May 15, 2015

1966 Fender Super Reverb Amp – Blackface (Serial No. 18938) I bought this amp in Perth, Western Australia in the 80s and have had an on / off relationship with it. I’ve had much more […]

1970 Gibson J-160e, Sunburst

April 1, 2015

1970 Gibson J-160e, Sunburst (Serial No. 631022) The J-160e model is famously associated with The Beatles although this is a later model than they used it still sounds similar. When I bought this I was […]

1958 Gibson ES125 3/4

March 1, 2015

1958 Gibson ES125 3/4 (Factory order No. U1423.8) Around 1990 I was hired by a drummer/singer/songwriter to play guitar on some of his songs. These songs were in the early rock and roll / rockabilly […]

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