1970 Gibson J-160e, Sunburst

April 1, 2015

1970 Gibson J-160e, Sunburst (Serial No. 631022) The J-160e model is famously associated with The Beatles although this is a later model than they used it still sounds similar. When I bought this I was […]

1958 Gibson ES125 3/4

March 1, 2015

1958 Gibson ES125 3/4 (Factory order No. U1423.8) Around 1990 I was hired by a drummer/singer/songwriter to play guitar on some of his songs. These songs were in the early rock and roll / rockabilly […]

1962 Sunburst Fender Strat

February 1, 2015

Fender Stratocaster 1962 sunburst L series (Serial Number L23755) This is a fabulous sounding Stratocaster, all original and with 3 way pickup selector switch still in place. I played it at an Atlantics gig ‘once’. […]

Mid 60s Burns Marvin

January 1, 2015

Burns Marvin mid 60s (Serial Number NA) This guitar has an interesting story. It started out as a left handed model. Some time in the 70s in Perth, Western Australia I saw an ad in […]

1958 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

December 1, 2014

1958 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top (Serial Number 8 1113) Ok take a deep breath… This is about as good as it gets… This one guitar literally cost me – a 1957 Stratocaster, 1964 Stratocaster, […]

1964 Gibson ES335 Red

November 1, 2014

1964 Gibson ES335 Red (Serial Number 70664) I’ll start off by saying that this is one of the best sounding guitars ever. A big wrap I know, but it’s true. I’d previously owned several Gibson […]

1961 Fender Bass VI

September 1, 2014

1961 Fender Bass VI (Serial Number 70174) Original Sixties Fender Bass VI’s are not very common here in Australia. I found this one in a guitar shop on Coogee Bay Road (not far from where […]

1965 Burns Double Six

August 1, 2014

1965 Burns Double Six (green burst) (Serial Number 11052) I bought this guitar around 1990 from the original owner. They had bought it new and played in a band for a few months then retired […]

1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman 6120

July 1, 2014

1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman 6120 (serial number 71919) I was looking for one of these for a while and when this one came up I played it and liked its vibe. Also the binding was […]

1962 Gibson J-200N – Blonde

July 1, 2014

1962 Gibson J-200N – Blonde (Serial Number 61298) I was always in awe of Gibson J200 guitars. I first saw and heard the one that was used on The Shadows version of Apache. That guitar […]

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