Mid 60s Burns Marvin

January 1, 2015

Burns Marvin mid 60s (Serial Number NA) This guitar has an interesting story. It started out as a left handed model. Some time in the 70s in Perth, Western Australia I saw an ad in […]

1958 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

December 1, 2014

1958 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top (Serial Number 8 1113) Ok take a deep breath… This is about as good as it gets… This one guitar literally cost me – a 1957 Stratocaster, 1964 Stratocaster, […]

1964 Gibson ES335 Red

November 1, 2014

1964 Gibson ES335 Red (Serial Number 70664) I’ll start off by saying that this is one of the best sounding guitars ever. A big wrap I know, but it’s true. I’d previously owned several Gibson […]

1961 Fender Bass VI

September 1, 2014

1961 Fender Bass VI (Serial Number 70174) Original Sixties Fender Bass VI’s are not very common here in Australia. I found this one in a guitar shop on Coogee Bay Road (not far from where […]

1965 Burns Double Six

August 1, 2014

1965 Burns Double Six (green burst) (Serial Number 11052) I bought this guitar around 1990 from the original owner. They had bought it new and played in a band for a few months then retired […]

1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman 6120

July 1, 2014

1963 Gretsch Country Gentleman 6120 (serial number 71919) I was looking for one of these for a while and when this one came up I played it and liked its vibe. Also the binding was […]

1962 Gibson J-200N – Blonde

July 1, 2014

1962 Gibson J-200N – Blonde (Serial Number 61298) I was always in awe of Gibson J200 guitars. I first saw and heard the one that was used on The Shadows version of Apache. That guitar […]

Martin 00-17 acoustic 1935

May 1, 2014

Martin 00-17 acoustic 1935  (Serial Number 59005) For a few years back in the late 80s I had a regular Thursday night gig at The Parkerville Tavern near Perth, Western Australia. It was a very […]

1958 Fender Stratocaster

April 1, 2014

1958 Fender Stratocaster (Serial Number 024609) This is the guitar I like to play at home, it has a great unplugged sound and I have written many songs on it. I got this guitar around […]

1972 Fender Stratocaster Black

March 1, 2014

1972 Fender Stratocaster Black (Serial Number 355735) This is my “Richie Blackmore” influenced strat. It’s an all original early 1972 model in custom colour Black. Features include – 3 way pickup selector switch, staggered pole […]

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