Vox AC30 Amp 1975

February 1, 2013

Vox AC 30 Amp 1975 (serial number 75102163) I bought this amp second hand in the mid 70s in Perth, Western Australia. I saw an ad in the local paper, called the number and went […]

1964 Gibson Firebird

February 1, 2013

1964 Gibson Firebird (serial number 216018) In Australia these guitars are very scarce. Especially in 100% original condition as this one is. I use this guitar when I want a sound between a Gibson & […]

1954 Gibson ES175D

December 1, 2012

1954 Gibson ES175D (serial number A17622) I bought this guitar in LA in the early 90s. On that trip I played many guitars across America. On my last day there I found this one in […]

1954 Gibson ES125

November 1, 2012

1954 Gibson ES125 (Factory order No. X8670-9) I walked into Jackson’s Rare Guitars in Sydney and said “I need a cheap guitar to play through a battery power amp for some ‘acoustic’ jazzy gigs I […]

1962 Gibson ES125 TCD

October 7, 2012

1962 Gibson ES125 TCD (serial number 50018) I bought this guitar in the early 90s. I was driving back from the the Blue Mountains (west of Sydney) and passed a music shop. I just had […]

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