Continental Magazine Review

This 2024 release by Australian guitarist Martin Cilia, despite the title, is really a journey from the beginnings of surf and instrumental rock instrumentals all the way to today’s modern surf sound. As you listen to the album you’ll hear the influence, and occasional melodies, reminiscent of The Chantays, The Shadows, The Ventures, Dick Dale and the compositions of Ennio Morricone. It goes without saying, you’ll also hear a sound reminiscent of the most recent recordings of celebrated Australian band The Atlantics, as Cilia was a member of the band for the last 24 years of their legendary run. If you are even a casual modern day surf instrumental fan I’m sure you have one or more of his albums in your collection at this point – this release contains, without a doubt, some of his best songs ever. It also contains what is likely to be the very last recording featuring the powerful, tribal drumwork of Peter Hood (original drummer of The Atlantics, who sadly passed away in 2021). All of the songs are originals, and all worthy of their addition into your surf instrumental collection!

Tracks: Rising Surf – On The Ricks – Riding The Wave – Horror On The Beach – Splash & Run – Space Station – Wallabi Point – Tube Tone – Dawn Of The Surf Guitar – Lowdown Guitar – Terminator – Gordons Bay