Fender Precision Bass 1957 2 Tone Sunburst

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1957 Fender Precision Bass – 2 Tone Sunburst (Serial Number 023926)

This is a very early example of this style of P bass which is the classic version of this iconic instrument. Precision basses can be heard on more hit records than any other model bass guitar. This version has a one piece maple neck, I also have a 1964 L series P bass, rosewood fingerboard, which sounds slightly more ‘clunky’ than the ’57. This bass was formally owned by Garry Gary Beers of INXS and can be heard on their earlier recordings.

In 1957 the headstock and pickguard were redesigned to resemble Fender’s recently introduced Stratocaster guitar, a rounder neck heel replacing the original square shape. A redesigned pickguard was made of a single layer of gold-anodized aluminium with 10 screwholes. At the same time the original single-coil pickup was replaced by the Precision split-coil design with staggered polepieces, connected in a humbucking mode.