Flying home

On Saturday the 17th we dropped off the tour van at the airport. We’re going to miss our loyal companion.



I’d like to thank so many people that made this tour such a special event, including Jeff Big Tiki Dude, Tiki Tena, Big Wave Dave, Paul Johnson, Lorenzo Surfer Joe, Unsteady Freddie, Linda & John Miller, Jonpaul, Marie, Marty, Ivan, Brian and many others.


[Big Wave Dave & Big Tiki Dude]

Thanks to all who helped us out by loaning us their gear.



Special thanks go to Jeff & Julia Weber for hosting us in San Francisco and making us feel so welcome.



And also to Billy Blastoff for the digs and rehearsal space at his place in Simi Valley and giving us so much tremendous support. We can’t thank him enough.



The surf music community in California was so welcoming of us. See you all again soon, I hope.