Vintage Celestion 25 watt Speakers mid 70s

Here are 2 mid 70s Celestion 25 watt speakers. One has the original cone and one is re coned with original replacement cone. These came from a 70s Marshall quad box. I have had them in storage and have never needed them, time to let them go.

$480 AUD for the pair

This is the legendary ‘greenback’ speaker. First introduced in March 1965. It is the standard specification 75hz G12M guitar speaker.

A very popular speaker with rock guitarists. This speaker has a nice ‘juicy’ compressed tone when pushed hard, with a warm mid-range. Often described as ‘woody’.

The T1221 was the stock speaker in Marshall lead guitar 4×12 cabinets from the mid 1960’s right up until the early 1980’s. It was also used by many other brands such as Laney and Orange. As such it can be heard on countless classic rock albums, and has been used by countless legendary guitarists.

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Local pickup available (Sydney, Australia)

Speaker 1

Speaker 2