Gibson ES-175D 1962

Gibson ES-175D 1962 (S.N. 80158)

I’d been quietly looking for one of these guitars for years and was very happy to find this one. It’s a great sounding and playing Gibson ES-175D which was made late 1961/early 1962.  It has 2 excellent sounding PAF pickups and is from what is considered the holy grail period of 175s.

I’ve had several humbucker ES175s but this one is by far the best. I still have the Blond 1954 with P90s that I’ve had for years and it’s equally as good but a very different guitar to this one.

Famous players include jazz guitarist Joe Pass and Rock guitarist Steve Howe from Yes. An ES-175 was also used on many Motown recordings.




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  1. Nice one.
    I missed out on one in the late 60’s in a Salvation Army store it was $179.00.
    I saw it picked it up and said be back tomorrow,well to bloody late next day was gone.
    Motto is “he who hesitates is lost”.

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