Full gig list with Mental As Anything, Dave Warner, solo gigs and anything else that comes up.

21/06/19 Mental As AnythingBrookvale, NSWManly Leagues Club
Address: 563 Pittwater Rd. Venue phone: (02) 9939 6722.
27/06/19 Mental As AnythingAdelaide, SASkycity Casino
28/06/19 Mental As AnythingLake Macquarie, NSWClub Macquarie
29/06/19 Mental As AnythingCronulla, NSWBrass Monkey
Address: 115A Cronulla St.
05/07/19 Mental As AnythingHamilton, QLDHamilton Hotel
Address: 442 Kingsford Smith Dr. Venue phone: (07) 3268 7500.
06/07/19 Mental As AnythingBooval, QLDRacehorse Hotel
Address: 215 Brisbane Rd.
07/07/19 Mental As AnythingRedland Bay, QLDRedland Bay Hotel
Address: 160 Broadwater Terrace.
19/07/19 Mental As AnythingCoolangatta, QLDSoundlounge
20/07/19 Mental As AnythingMackay, QLDWine & Food Festival
26/07/19 Mental As AnythingMarrickville, NSWCamelot Lounge
27/07/19 Mental As AnythingGloucester, NSWGloucester Chill Out Winter Festival
01/08/19 Mental As AnythingMornington, VICThe Publican
02/08/19 Mental As AnythingFalls Creek, VICFalls Creek
04/08/19 Mental As AnythingSt Kilda, VICMemo Music Hall
Address: 88 Acland St.
09/08/19 Mental As AnythingSydney, NSWClub York
10/08/19 Mental As Anything, NSWPittwater RSL
31/08/19 Mental As AnythingWetherill Park, NSWNew Victoria Hotel
20/09/19 Mental As AnythingTerrey Hills, NSWTerrey Hills Hotel
21/09/19 Mental As AnythingMarrickville, NSWCamelot Lounge
27/09/19 Mental As AnythingShellharbour, NSWCentral Hotel
Address: 3 Memorial Dr. Venue phone: 0242966619.
04/10/19 Mental As AnythingLambton, NSWLizottes
Address: 31 Morehead St.
05/10/19 Mental As AnythingSandringham, VICSandringham Yacht Club
06/10/19 Mental As AnythingEttalong Beach, NSWEttalong Diggers Club
Address: 51-52 The Esplanade.
25/10/19 Mental As AnythingCronulla, NSWBrass Monkey
Address: 115A Cronulla St.
15/11/19 Mental As AnythingBundalong, VICBundalong Tavern
16/11/19 Mental As AnythingWarragul, VICWarragul Country Club
23/11/19 Mental As AnythingWerrington, NSWColonial Hotel
30/11/19 Mental As AnythingTathraBand Together 2

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  1. Yay more dates Good reason to get some Aussie sun and escape Kiwi cold and checkout Qld or Sydney again.Or even Victoria.And go Mental.

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