Full gig list with Mental As Anything, Dave Warner, solo gigs and anything else that comes up.

26/04/19 Mental As Anything, NSWTea Gardens Hotel
27/04/19 Mental As AnythingNewcastle, NSWLizottes
03/05/19 Mental As AnythingQueanbeyan, ACTRoyal Hotel
04/05/19 Mental As AnythingAlbury, NSWS S & A Club
05/05/19 Mental As AnythingLake WyanganPiccolo Family Farm
10/05/19 Mental As AnythingNoosa, QLDNoosa Surf Club
11/05/19 Mental As AnythingHervey Bay, QLDBy the C
25/05/19 Mental As AnythingManly, NSWManly Leagues Club
31/05/19 Mental As AnythingTaren Point, NSWTaren Point Hotel
08/06/19 Mental As AnythingPenrith, NSWPanthers
28/06/19 Mental As AnythingClub Macquarie
29/06/19 Mental As AnythingCronulla, NSWBrass Monkey
12/07/19 Mental As AnythingTerrey Hills, NSWTerrey Hills Tavern
19/07/19 Mental As AnythingCoolangatta, QLDSoundlounge
20/07/19 Mental As AnythingMackay, QLDWine & Food Festival
26/07/19 Mental As AnythingMarackville, NSWCamelot Lounge
10/08/19 Mental As Anything, NSWPittwater RSL
31/08/19 Mental As AnythingWetherill Park, NSWNew Victoria Hotel
06/10/19 Mental As AnythingEttalong, NSWEttalong Diggers
19/10/19 Mental As AnythingCaringbah, NSWCaringbah Inn
16/11/19 Mental As AnythingWarragul, VICWarragul Country Club
30/11/19 Mental As AnythingTathraBand Together 2

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  1. Having lived in Oz during the eighties but now residing back in NZ, it was a treat to hear the old classics yesterday. Great gig, awesome. Loved your playing and sound. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff now I’ve tracked you down. Cheers.

  2. Hi Martin.Thanks for coming to NZ again .Great day of sounds,awesome crowd bands.Mentals my favourite.Greedy in great voice and you as fun and polished as ever ! Stellar amazing too. Hope you all had fun time …😎

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