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Cronulla, with Mental As Anything, Australia Day 2014

2nd June 2013 1964 Gibson ES335 Red (Serial Number 70664)
30th May 2014 This year so far…
26th January 2014Mrs Moto video featuring Paul Johnson
18th November 2013Manly Market Place
17th November 2013The Bridge Hotel, Sydney
8th September 2013The Evelyn, Fitzroy
7th September 2013 The Caravan Club, Melbourne
6th September 2013Basement Discs, Melbourne
5th September 2013Charles Hotel, Perth

2013 Californian Tour

Athens, with The Altantics 2013

4th September 2013Flying Home
25th August 2013 –  Napa Valley
24th August 2013Driving to San Francisco
23rd August 2013Surf Dog Sport’s Grill
22nd August 2013 Spikes Bar
21st August 2013The SG101 Jam Night
20th August 2013The Huntington Beach Show
15th August 2013 The Surf Guitar 101 Convention and after party
14th August 2013 Purple Orchid, El Segundo
11th August 2013The Pike, Long Beach
10th August 2013Redwood in LA
8th August 2013On to LA
6th August 2013Forbidden Island Tiki Bar
5th August 2013The Cousin Mary Radio Show
4th August 2013The Grand Dell Saloon
2nd August 2013Arrived in San Francisco
1st August 2013Sydney Airport

Manly Market Place 2013

2013 European Tour (with The Atlantics)

15th July 2013Andros Island
13th July 2013Final gig of the tour
12th July 2013Athens
7th July 2013Goodbye to Italy 
6th July 2013Caserta & Piento
4th July 2013Forte Prenestino in Rome
2nd July 2013Back in Italy
29th June 2013Helsinki and Nastola Festival
27th June 2013Jack the Ripper
26th June 2013Tittoni Park

Flying into Sydney

23rd June 2013Surfer Joe Festival continued
22nd June 2013The Surfer Joe Summer Festival
21st June 2013Arrived in Italy
18th June 2013Sydney airport
16th June 2013 Cooly Rocks on Festival, June 2013
28th March 2013Not everyone is a songwriter
12th January 2013Dick Dale with his pet lion
10th June 2012
From the 70s
16th April 2013 Lead Singer Disease (LSD)
3rd April 2013
My top 10 guitar instrumentals (The songs that influenced me in the early years)

2012 American Tour

27th March 2012It’s all in the fingers (part 3: foot note – cheap digital converters)
24th March 2012 It’s all in the fingers (part 2)
8th March 2012 
It’s all in the fingers


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