It’s all in the fingers

2012 American Tour

Leaving Sydney
Leaving Sydney

G’day, I’m writing this from a Qantas plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean whilst traveling from Sydney to LA. I often get asked “how do you get your guitar sound?” Forgetting about the gear being used the answer would be “I hear the sound in my head first and then dial it in”.

I also see on Internet forums discussions about the merits of different equipment. Some expensive pieces and some not so expensive. I love good quality gear and believe me I have lots of it! Now here is a topic that comes up often. “it doesn’t matter what gear they use it’s all in the fingers” .

Let’s put this theory to the test: In a few days I am going to be playing with musicians whom I have never met in person before and using equipment that I have never seen before. I am bringing nothing with me, not even a guitar! We’ll be playing many songs where I played guitar on the original recordings so there are sounds to compare to. With the advent of iPhone recordings and many other ways with today’s technology to record live performances I expect at least something to turn up on YouTube.

This prospect is exciting but also very daunting. I accept the challenge, let the adventure begin.