March 2013: Surf Rock Music

Surf Explosion

Surf Explosion
Reviewed by: Stephen L. Robbins

If you play guitar for the legendary Atlantics, you have to be good. Extremely good. Enter Martin Cilia. Extremely good doesn’t begin to cover things when you’re talking about his ability with a guitar. This man can flat get with an axe. Make no mistake about it, he’s great.

Martin’s new composition, Surf Explosion, is as good as surf music gets. It’s performed in the classic surf style with two guitars, a bass and drums. To me, this is surf music, the way surf music was meant to be played.
My vocabulary of superlatives falls short when describing Surf Explosion. It’s an explosive instrumental surf tune that comes at you with wave after wave of overwhelming sonic strength. It’s a fast-paced ride on a surf rock tsunami. The Herculean power with which the musicians attack their instruments is an awesome thing to hear. We are talking the upper echelons of world-class music and musicianship.

One of the things that immediately caught my attention is Martin’s incredible double picking. His articulation is amazing. Guitar players and aficionados will appreciate his remarkable talent and the countless hours of practice it must have taken to develop his pinpoint precision. There’s definitely a reason they call him Australia’s premier surf rock guitarist.

If you like great surf rock music as much as I do, Surf Explosion is one surf rock song you have got to hear. It’s surf music exponentiated to infinity.

Surf Explosion was released through iTunes as a single on March 1st, 2013. It was recorded in 2012 at Oceanic Studio in Sydney, Australia.

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