Mrs Moto Video

When I brought my band to California from Australia last year I had plans to record a film clip of Mrs Moto, from my 2013 album “Going to Kaleponi“, hopefully with Paul Johnson. I ran it past him and he agreed.

Paul Johnson was one of the founding fathers of surf guitar, writing the 1961 classic “Mr. Moto” for his band the Bel Airs. He floated around the genre for years after their breakup, eventually helping the revival of the genre with his work with the Packards in the ’80s. The ’90s found him joining the Surfaris for touring purposes, as well as helping to form the Duo-Tones with “Pipeline” author Gil Orr. Throughout it all, he also released several solo releases that were a hit in the surf rock underground. You can read more about him at

We decided to film at Huntington Beach. It was the perfect day for it. We got some great footage along and under the pier and also live as part of my set. Afterwards Paul surprised me by asking if we’d like him to edit the clip. We jumped at the chance to have him do it.

Paul went above and beyond – sourcing live audio of us playing the song onstage (thanks Chrome Oxide) and some extra footage from the Purple Orchid (thanks Unsteady Freddie — would you hire a cameraman called “unsteady”?).

We love the clip. I hope you do too.