Newsletter: New album released today

I’m pleased to announce that my latest album – Going to Kaleponi – is released today, 5th April 2013. If you click on the cover below you can hear some of the songs from the album.

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In March 2012 I went on a pilgrimage to Southern California, this is where surf music was born in the early sixties. From mainland USA on to Hawaii – what a great place! It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it. Swimming with dolphins and turtles in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean inspired some of the songs on this album. Kaleponi is the Hawaiian word for California, hence the title of this album. Grab yourself a Mai Tai, sit back and take in the sounds.

I am playing a gig with my band in Sydney this coming Sunday. Come along if you can, it will be a fun afternoon.

Sydney Rock ‘n’ Roll & Alternative Market
Manning Bar
Playing time: 4.15 – 5pm
More info:

Enjoy the new album,