November 2009: New Gandy Dancer magazine

Reviews for The Odd One Out

New Gandy Dancer, November 2009
4/4 Stars

NGD 5629 MARTIN CILIA The Odd One Out Bombora Records 21 Australia (

Revitalised Atlantics guitar king Martin on another solo set showing his wide range of interest in music and his versatile guitar work, All cuts are original songs – bravo – except for The Beatles “Cry For a Shadow“, last done as an instrumental by The Ventures on the “New Depths” album and martin’s is no less a good version. Title track is a (timely) reminders of the Les Paul sound complete with brush drumming, a jolly track indeed.  “Reel to Real” is a lively twanger with dare we say it a bit of a Shadows twang in there. “Exile On Chapel Street” is a big Shadows sound we think and could have been written  for Hank & Co. “Meditation” is lilting Latin number while “The Same Song Remains” is Claptonesque and highly melodic. “Chunky” is an uptempo rocker which bops along nicely. “Ancestor” is a fine thematic Tommy Emmanuel / Crocodile Dundee thumper. “West of Bondi” is almost western movie in sound and a great cut and “1993” a slower more deliberate sound is excellent too.  The album is rounded off by a delightful finger picked acoustic “Road to Ballarat“.

Lovely and worthwhile album. The Backing Tracks CD for you to play along with is also available (Bombora 22) ****

Dave Peckett
New Gandy Dancer, Issue 91
January 2010