October 2011: Rhythms Magazine

Rhythms Magazine Review

October 2011, page 71


“There is something very pleasing about listening to a musician doing what he or she loves.  Guitarist Martin Cilia doesn’t just love classic surf guitar music, he lives, walks and breaths it.  He tells us the first song he ever played in front of an audience at age 13 was ‘Apache’ and more recently he went on to join the reincarnation of Australia’s own great surf instrumentalists, The Atlantics.  His reverence is still clearly strong as he applies his collection of period correct vintage amps and guitars to ‘Apache’, ‘Walk Don’t Run’, ‘Wipe Out’, ‘Misirlou’, The Crusher’, ‘Endless Summer’ and ‘Pipeline’ – 60’s surf guitar staples, all. There’s a similarly reverent take on Peter Green’s ‘Albatross’ and Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock And Roll Part 2’.

“The remaining material, including the title track, is Cilia’s own, sitting comfortably alongside the vintage stuff in very much the same tone and spirit. It would be great to hear Cilia launch an entire album of such original material – no one else is doing it and it would help lift Cilia beyond being criticised as solely retrospection.”

Martin Jones