Revelation Martin Cilia Custom 2017 Fiesta Red

IMG_9707Some time in 2015 I received an email from Alan Entwhistle, an English guitar designer/builder, saying that he would like to make me a guitar and what would I like? Alan has long respected history in the guitar making world and I was excited by the prospect of him building me a guitar.

When coming up with my first few ideas I realized that I was just copying guitars that I already had. I needed to come up with something that was different, but useful and simple.

What we arrived at is a Fender offset body shape with a Strat scale bound neck and 3 Entwhistle P90 style pickups. It has a great looking fiesta red finish with matching headstock and a Stratocaster style bridge.

When I received the guitar in January 2016 it looked even better than I thought it would, great finish. Upon plugging it in the pickups sounded great! Full tone but not muddy. I’d decided on a simple 3 way pickup selector switch. One pick up at a time. (I never use the ‘in between” positions).

It can be heard in this demo video of a song called 1961.


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  1. I noted the button on the head stock, which is my preference also, something to do with tone and good looks. Lovely flame neck, nicely proportioned all over, Fred, p90s. very cool.

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