6 Track EP CD




The song selection on this 6 track EP consists of tunes that I thought would require a challenge to succeed in a new setting.

They are recordings that were never planned to be released, and were created as fun experiments for myself during the lockdown period.

I hope you enjoy these alternate versions.


Guitars, bass, etc. – Martin Cilia
Drums – Jacob Cook
Mastered by David Briggs, Production Workshop


Mamma Mia – This is a great classic pop song that I’ve “rocked” up. I thought it would be a challenge (and fun) to make the melody work on guitar. Also, to play all the other parts on guitar instead of keyboards like on the original ABBA recording.

A Walk in the Shade – I wrote this song with two different guitarists in mind playing the melody and solos. I ended up playing both parts myself. It started out in the Gypsy Jazz style but I’ve recorded it in a more rock style with a band with drums.

On the Beach – This is a vocal song that I thought would be challenging to turn into an instrumental track while keeping the vibe up. This was the title song to the movie ‘Wonderful Life’ featuring Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

Live it Up – Having played this song many many times with Mental as Anything (as a vocal version), I thought I would try it as an instrumental to see how the melody would hold up on its own. It does – a sign of a good pop song.

Popcorn – The original version is very dinky and electronic sounding so I thought I’d give it a try and see if I could change it up by using only guitars and drums and make it sound more rock.

Sacha – This was a big hit in Australia for Hank Marvin in 1969/70. It’s a song that I’d been going to learn since the 70s when I first heard it, but never got around to it until now, so here’s my version.