The Continental Magazine – Issue #23 w/CD – Aloha Screwdriver


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The Continental Magazine – Issue #23 w/CD

Issue #23 is available now, featuring another full-color cover designed by Jonpaul Balak! In this issue we include exclusive interviews with some bright new faces on the surf/instro scene: Aloha Screwdriver, Els A-Phonics and The Irradiates. All three bands have released outstanding new discs in the last year or so, and amazed and astounded instro fiends all over the world. We also ask some of your favorite surf/garage rock stars what their favorite non-surf/garage rock discs are, plus there’s tons of music and DVD reviews, including more vinyl reviews than ever before. You also get a free 20-song CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes. 40 pages in all, with a full color glossy cover.

TRACKS: Surf Explosion (Video Edit) (Martin Cilia) – All Around In The Space (The Charades) – Mecca (Trabants) – El Toro (Satan’s Pilgrims) – Genie Versus Genie (Clouseaux) – Boss Board (Burt Rocket) – Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles… (El Supernaut) – Stomp It (Crazy Aces) – A Test Of Character (The Spoils) – Crawler (The Stents) – Storm Warning (The Del-Rios) – The Stingray Shuffle No. 1 (The 427’s) – Big Hit (The Violentures) – Hayburner (Blue Wave Theory) – El Santo Stomp (King Pelican) – Tatiana (Slingshot Dragster) – Acme Speed Dynamite (Kingargoolas) – Die Traurige Grammel (Balu & die Surfgrammeln) – Filipina Sex-ray (The Zillatones) – Rock ‘n’ Roll Clef (De Surfures)

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