Studio stories: The Missing Guitar

I’d just finished a recording session and the producer says “while you’re here can you do a quick guitar track on this song for me?” We listen to the song and decide that a Fender Stratocaster would be a suitable sound. As I didn’t have a Strat with me that day I went to use the studio guitar, which was actually quite good.

I went to the store room and pulled out the case and thought “this seems a bit light”, open the case to find it empty. After further investigation around the studio, the guitar was gone! 

Our theory was that someone came in with an empty case or gig bag and when no one was looking removed the guitar from its original case and put it in their own case and walked out with it. 

We never did find out where it went. The guitar was replaced under insurance, but it’s frustrating that things like this happen in a place where we know most of the people coming through.