Studio stories: The Singer

When you’re booked for a studio session often you don’t meet the featured artist until you arrive at the session. In this case the sessions were over a few days. The first few days were recording the band tracks which consisted of guitar, bass, drums and piano. The piano player on this session was a friend of the artist (not a professional).

The three of us (guitar, bass and drums) had done many studio hours and would record as a band. We’d record our parts all together live, but this time we were slowed down by the piano player who was not as experienced, but they were the artist’s friend. With the clock ticking and the studio hours (costs) adding up it was decided the piano was to be overdubbed later.

Once the band tracks were finished I was asked to stay back to do some guitar overdubs and solos. By this time we’d been there a few long days and we’re all getting rather tired.

I was sitting on the couch at the back of the studio waiting for the singer to record some vocals. This seemed to be taking forever. I was half asleep when I asked the singer why they were recording this album? They said “God told me to“. Me being half asleep replied “it’s funny how God told to record an album, but God didn’t tell you to take singing lessons“.

After a brief moment of shocked silence we went on to finish recording my guitar parts. It all ended up well.