Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2013 – Surfer Joe’s Diner Livorno Italy

by Django Deadman

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

hangnine-logoIf it’s the end of June it must be time for the Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Livorno. And so the HangNine party finds itself at Gatwick airport for the flight to Pisa and the short train journey from there to Livorno.

On arrival, we’re delighted  to find that the Tuscan weather is considerably better than that we left behind in decidedly unsunny Brighton and I’m very pleased to report that it stays this way until we awake on Monday morning to find it blowing a gale, which is whipping up quite a storm in the Mediterranean.

It’s been a great day so far, but The Atlantics are about to put every other band somewhat in the shade. Quite simply, they are IMMENSE. Guitarist Jim Skiathitis is the only member from the early 60’s line-up of Australia’s finest instrumental band present tonight (drummer Peter Hood is unable to make this European trip), but dual guitarist Martin Cilia has been an Atlantic since they reformed full-time in 1999 and has apparently been something of a force in the band, for which we should all be grateful to him, because they might not be playing in Livorno tonight otherwise.

Both guitarists are in tremendous form and, ably supported by a driving rhythm section, they treat the large crowd to one of the best performances I have ever seen at a Surfer Joe Festival. Everyone wants to hear the first big hit, Bombora, of course and we’re not disappointed, but everything else is fabulous too: The Crusher, Giant, Flight of the Surf Guitar and a cracking Come On are just some of the highlights, while they end the encore with my personal favourite, War of the Worlds, which is storming.

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