The Huntington Beach Show

The day after the SG101 Convention we played at Huntington Beach Pier Plaza, for “Surfin’ Sundays” at the Surfing Museum. This is organised and MC’d by Linda Miller, an amazing lady, and a good friend.



There was quite a large crowd the whole day. Seven bands from SG101 played, including the Astronauts Tribute, The Pyronauts, the Penetrators Tribute, The Aqualads, The Mystery Men & Surfer Joe.



Before our set we grabbed Paul Johnson for an impromptu video up on the pier.



Our set went well.



Ivan Pongracic once again joined us for Bombora.



And Paul Johnson got up to play for a few songs.



Afterwards we said our goodbyes to Ivan & Brian (the founder of SG101), who had to return home to Iowa. It was so good meeting them in the flesh.



[Brian Neal, Janette & Martin]

All in all, a very good day.



I’m back in Australia, but the gigs continue: