The Surf Guitar 101 Convention and after party

Saturday was the 6th Annual SG101 Convention, the reason we’re here in the USA. It’s at the Starting Gate in Anaheim, just down the road from our hotel.


It starts at 8am, and by 9am it was getting full.

Jeff Big Tiki Dude did an excellent job of booking the bands, organising the event and MC-ing.



We met so many legends including Davie Allen – king of the fuzz tone.



And I got to check out Eddie Bertrand’s 1965 Jaguar. Eddie was a member of Eddie and the Showmen and the Belairs (with Paul Johnson). He sadly passed away recently.



Dave from the Insect Surfers introduced our band.



It was an amazing experience.



After the show (all 12 hours) we dragged ourselves along to the after party. It was at a bar in Anaheim, where we met legendary Daddy-O Grande from Los Straitjackets.



Swapped picks.



Watched him perform with John Blair (from John and the Night Riders), Lorenze (Surfer Joe) and Carlos on bass. We were all exhausted, but couldn’t miss the show.



We’d like to thank everyone involved in the SG101 convention. Especially Jeff Big Tiki Dude, Tiki Tena and Brian Neal. It was an amazing event.